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1 Orthotics Product List
2 Articulating Carpal Rigid Metacarpal
3 Rigid Tarsal
4 Articulating Tarsal Orthosis
5 Tarsal Hyperflexion
6 Articulating Tarsal and Rigid Metatarsal Orthosis
7 Stifle Orthosis
8 Bilateral Hip Orthosis
9 Elbow Orthosis
10 Rigid Carpal Orthosis
11 Articulating Carpal Orthosis
12 Carpal Hyperextension
13 Cervical Orthosis
14 Spinal Orthosis
15 Leg Lengthening Discrepancy Orthosis
16 Combination of multiple joint level orthosis
17 Cranial Helmet

Orthotics Features

Orthotic applications are fabricated out of thermoform plastic with thermo foam lining for a comfortable intimate fitting. A biomechanical approach is used when configuring the strapping system to suspend devices. Elastic integration of the strapping system allows for a comfortable fit while maintaining optimal suspension, so as not to impede on the dynamic movement of dogs anatomy. Orthotics are designed for the following three applications:

  1. Prophylactic
  2. Rehabilitative
  3. Functional



Prophylactic orthotic products are designed to prevent or reduce the severity of joint injury.

Use an orthotic when a dog has a non-functional paw (i.e. knuckling over). The orthotic will support the paw, keeping it in the correct position when weight bearing, and is designed to prevent dorsal sores from developing and other potential trauma to the limb.


Rehabilitative orthotics are used to support and stabilize a joint while assisting or restricting range of motion.

Dogs having CCL or cranial cruciate ligament injuries, in particular, benefit from a rehabilitative orthotic device to recover from injury, and often for long term treatment.


Functional orthotics provides stability for chronically unstable joints and limbs for long term support and function

Dogs with hip dysplasia may benefit from a functional orthosis that provides support while stabilizing the hip joint. The range of motion of the hip joint is controlled to prevent luxation and the paws maintain correct stance position and extension.

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