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1 Wheelchair Products
2 K-9 Three Wheel Wheelchair
3 Full Body Wheelchair

Wheelchair Features

Our 3-wheeled dog wheelchairs are fabricated using lightweight aluminium for strength and durability. The wheel assemblies have sealed roller bearings with flush mount hubs to reduce scuffing of walls and other obstacles. The rear harness is specially manufactured to fit each dog's specific measurements using lightweight netting for optimum contour, fit and breathability. The superior strapping system allows for increased adjustability. The front girdle harness is finished with a cushioned soft interface for comfort. Both in and out of the wheelchair, the rear harness allows for excellent controlled assistance using harness strap over the backside.

Our 5-wheeled dog wheelchairs is manufactured to the same standards as the 3 wheeled model, except it is also is equipped with a front handle for the handler to assist the canine during early rehabilitation movements."

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