Glossary of Orthotic Terms

Achilles tendon
(called also common calcaneus tendon)
The group of tendons that insert on the calcaneus near the point of the hock
Ambulatory walking or able to walk
Arthrodesis Surgical fusion of a joint
Biomechanical The science that deals with the effects of forces on a living organism, especially the effects of gravity
Brachial plexus Nerve plexus that give off the principal nerve to shoulder and forelimbs
Bulbous having the form or nature of a bulb
(called also heel bone)
The irregular quadrangular bone at the tarus
Carpus / Carpal joint Six-eight bones that make up the wrist joint in dogs and cats
Carpal Hyperextension Carpal joint extension beyond the normal limit
Cervical Pertaining to the head or to the cervix
Chronic Lasting long time
Congenital Present at and exiting from the time of birth
Contractures Abnormal shortening of the muscles tissue, rendering the muscle highly resistant to stretching
Cranial cruciate ligament (CCL/ACL) A ligament in the knee that attaches the upper part of the leg to the lower part of the leg
Distal The furthest to a point of reference, as a to a center or median or to the point of attachment or origin
Functional Of or having to do with function or functions
Gait cycle The manner or the style of locomotion
Hip dysplasia degenerative disease of the hip joint, lax joint, weak rump
Lateral Pertain to or situated away from the midline
Luxation Dislocation
Medial Pertain to or situated towards the midline
Metatarsal Five bones of the paw between the toes and tarsal joint
Patella Luxation Knee cap dislocation
Pathology (Pathologically) The branch of veterinary science treating of the essential nature of disease, especially of the changes in the body tissue and organs, which cause or are caused by disease
Postoperative After surgery
Prophylactic Tending to ward off disease; pertaining to prophylaxis
Prophylaxis Prevention of disease; preventive treatment
Proximal Nearest to a point of reference, as a to a center or median or to the point of attachment or origin
Radial Forearm bone
Rehabilitative Of or having to rehabilitation
Subluxating Partial dislocation
Ulna Forearm bone
Tarsus / tarsal Joint The hock or ankle made up of seven bones
Tarsal Hyperflexion Tarsal joint extension beyond the normal limit
Thermoforming plastic Solid base plastic requiring heat for moulding applications
Thermosetting plastic Liquid base plastics that require heat/chemicals to cure and become hard
Traumatic Pertaining to, resulting from, or causing trauma
Wobblers Compression of the cervical spinal cord caused by caudal cervical vertebral malformation-malarticulation or instability

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